Tuesday, 8 November 2011

New updates

Due to some problems with our internet connection, we haven't been able to upload any blog updates. However, lots of stuff has been going on in the last couple of weeks so get ready for a month's worth of project updates, news from the organization, pictures, etc!

Planting vegetable garden - again

Wednesday 28 sept
Productive Wednesday in Adampur! This week’s group activity consisted of planting the vegetable garden for the local trash pickers. Although it was hard work in the hot sun, the harvest of fresh vegetables for the migrants will hopefully be all worth it. Afterwards we were invited for delicious and much needed lunch: see picture!

Girls Club Khichipur

Thursday 22 September

The Girls Club in Khichipur officially started! Today was the first meeting during which we introduced ourselves and the organization with the help of the lovely Reena (who lives in this village). We were invited to Reena’s family’s house and spoiled with drinks and many, many sweets. If this is what it means to work on the Girls Club, we could definitely get used to it!


Thursday 6 Oct
Today’s Dusserrah Festival! The Adampur house was bursting out of its vessels by all of the interns that were staying over, so we had our own little party on the roof top. From here we could see the parade passing by and wave to all the people participating in it!

Alex's farewell party

Thursday 20 Oct
This is what 12 people crammed in a Jeep looks like! We obviously had a blast at Alex’s farewell dinner J

Golden Temple @ Amritsar

The Golden Temple is only 2 hours away, so it´s frequently visited by our interns:


Wednesday 26 October
Today´s Diwali, one of the most important holidays in India. It´s also called the Festival of Lights, as can be seen on the pictures. Fireworks have been cracking for days and the streets are filled with little stalls selling candy in every color and shape imaginable. People are hugging us on the street and stuffing us with candy, so this is definitely our favorite holiday so far!