Sunday, 11 November 2012

Better health = Better life

One of the important components of our projects are the health care and wellbeing of marginalised, poor, adolescents and women. Like many other developing countries, India too has several need gaps related to health care education and facilities. As India undergoes a transition from tradition medicine to modern medicine, there is an increasing lack of awareness of health issues and lack of access to health care facilities in many rural areas.

21 year old Jenny Bird and Kathryn Kaintz, both from the USA, and Kirsty Major from UK have spent the last several months initiating various projects in our Dharamashala cluster to address some of these health care issues at the grassroot level. "We have incorporated a few project activities aimed at addressing these need gaps, and to get to know and understand the health needs and concerns of the community better."
Jenny Bird conducting health surveys with some of the community women
Some current and past health care project activities include:
  • Community health care surveys to assess the health care issues and level of health care awareness in the community;
  • Adolescent health care awareness workshops in schools;
  • Nutrition, hygiene and wellbeing workshops during our Girls Club and Young Women Association meetings;
  • Connecting with the local public health care facilities including the traditional Ayurvedic hospitals to try to create good linkages with the rural communities, and; 
  • Community sanitation and waste management education and activities. 
  • Annual medical check up and record-keeping for the marginalised migrant community

Medical health camp with the migrant women