Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Pandori's football frenzy!

Talking tactics, before the game
On Wednesday afternoon, the ‘International Hunters’ football team once again squared off against the always dangerous ‘Pandori Tigers’. Our team was made up of Will, Javin, Manuel, Ethan, Daikin and myself (Tom). The game was played on Pandori soil, on a new pitch far larger than anything played on before. The sheer size of the pitch was a rigorous test of cardio for all players. I personally found myself insisting on being goal keeper in the second half, and with a benevolent show of mercy, the other players let me.

Stand out performances came from Daikin and Ethan, who did not shy away from battling, with great success, with individuals far larger and older than themselves. Daikin took a few knocks, but with an admirable display of resolve, was quick to shake them off and head back into the thick of the action. Manuel had to leave after the first half, which was unfortunate because he was our main goal scorer. He had the uncanny ability to score goals using what seemed like pure strength. It was as if the ball was in a snow plough being driven straight into the goal, with bodies being flung from all sides. Praise also goes to Javin and Will, who were the rocks of the team, grinding out the hard work and keeping the Tigers at bay.

Leslie's view of all the action!!
Thanks to Yi Wen and Leslie for coming and showing support. About twenty five players and spectators came from Pandori village. Even though we ended up losing 7-4, it was a fun way to get to know more of the young people from the village, and they were very eager to schedule in the next game. I hope in the near future SWASH will be able to launch a project in Pandori, for which activities such as this will play a vital part in promoting. The environmental message of SWASH, and RuralDEV values of volunteerism are most easily promoted amongst the young, and I look forward to future activities to further build the relationship between the Dosarka Centre and Pandori Village.


  1. what happened? when I left we had just heroicly come back from a 1-4 to a 4-4!
    cheers, Manuel

  2. Haha, well, lets just say some more 'bizarre' Indian rulings on the game of football hampered any of our progress in the second half!!? Sorry that your efforts were in vain! We will try and make our revenge in a return fixture!