Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Daikin's compost tales...

Attending Adampur's compost
At the minute, here in Adampur, we have some really smelly, unattractive looking compost that is developing nicely. We been checking up on our sludgy mess frequently, and we realised that some things in the compost were not decomposing. Therefore, with this issue in mind, we decided to take out the egg shells, cigarette butts and peanut husks from the compost, as they were not showing any signs of being broken down. We also took this opportunity to add some more food to the compost. This was a bit smelly and does not look very appealing - all is good then!

Daikin's delicious decomposition
We have been working on organic composting on the roof of the centre for the past few months. We are trying to find a way to make it smell less, because there are a lot of flies at present. A few days ago we added cow poo and it has been successful, as the poo has helped to speed up with decomposition, but has made it smell more! We have been mixing the compost regularly and watering it to create a slurry and develop the compost more quickly - with the sun playing its part, as the heat makes the organic material mash together quickly. We are still looking into how to deal with those pesky flies!

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