Thursday, 7 April 2011

Toil-ets in Janauri

Cleaned out, new roof, banked entrance - Great job
Before (above) and after
The SWASH (Sanitation of Water, Air, Soil for Healthy Villages) project in the village of Janauri has taken on a new initiative to clean and restore the public restroom near the village bus stand. The restroom has been out of use for several years because of previous monsoon rains that flooded the floor, leaving a 40cm layer of mud behind. 

Currently, due to a great effort from EduCARE interns Bryan and Manuel, the mud has been removed, a temporary roof installed, and a barrier constructed in front of the entrance to prevent further flooding. 

Bryan and Manuel - proud of their brickwork
SWASH is in the process of installing brick steps, a new roof, laying down grass, organizing the plumbing, and making the final touches in cleaning the facilities. The initiative has experienced much support from the Janauri community, and has helped to bring closer ties between ViKAS interns and the community.

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