Wednesday, 13 April 2011

After School Programme: Adampur

Rohit with his cat
Yesterday we introduced the migrant kids to colour. We have been drawing pictures with them for a while now, either them drawing alone or by an intern penciling an outline of an animal, for example, which they then colour in! It has been running smoothly so far, and the kids really enjoy expressing themselves and being creative. However, it felt like the right time to introduce them to something new.

As we have recently part-moved office here in Adampur, we now have a new facility (as well as the office in town) down near the migrant communities dwellings, so we can now do more structured teaching with them. Having a classroom environment makes a big difference, and we can give the kids more attention here, whilst we feel that they can focus better too.

Learning colours
Local volunteer Ravi, who incidently is a wizard with a pencil, has been helping us bridge the language barrier, and helps to explain to the kids what we would like them to do! So, colours - the basics at least. First we had a game showing them a colour, and then they had to first tell us the Punjabi, then the English. It was great, as many of the kids knew their colours and were even able to spell them out in English too. Terrific stuff!

Kids drawing animals
Afterwards, as a treat, we then handed out the pens and paper to the kids and watched them scribble and shade more great pictures (new wallpaper for the office!) It's fantastic to see them using the animal cards (that we have been making for them, even if a couple of them did go walkies?!) copying them, the word and its translation. Furthermore, they are that proud that the kids always ask how to spell their name - as great artists do - they love to sign their work!

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