Monday, 13 June 2011

Building recycling storage

Project blueprint - recycling facility
As always, we have been busy plotting and planning something new! This time it is back to Janauri. Manuel has been meticulously labouring over these drawings, which are the blueprints for a new bamboo framed Waste Separation, Storage and Recycling Facility (WSSRF). It is being built for (and largely by) the migrant community in Paro, a neighbouring village of Janauri. We thought that we would leave the construction side of things to the locals who have the best knowledge on building these type of huts.

Plan for the interior shelving of the facility
The purpose of this new WSSRF unit is so that when the monsoon rains come, the trash can be kept dry and retain its value, as such things like wet cardboard do not sell. In addition it will keep the migrant community clean, tidy and organised. Operations have got under way with the build. Last week all the interns ventured across to Janauri and spent a hard days work stripping all the bamboo from knots. Most of our blisters have just about healed, and now it's time to erect the structure!

More to follow. Check back next week for the finished article.

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