Monday, 19 December 2011

Moving with the Migrants

Our last Wednesday activity took us to our Migrant Community in Paro. Living on Government land they face eviction at any given time - 2 weeks ago the day came when they were asked to move.

This means packing up all their belongings including Huts, Tents and Facilities, resettling at another campsite. Fortunately enough, they were able to find another spot close to their old home. Wednesday we went there helping to clear the land, uprooting trees and shrubs, so they can rebuild their homes. An exhausting experience, during which we learned that experience with a shovel or axe can not be outdone by strengh alone.


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  2. Good deed! Keep working to help and empower the needy and deprived.

    Let's now assess the environmental impact of their settling at a new space and engage them to offset the same by some means.

    a) we can educate and empower them more for sustainable living,
    b) engage them more deeply in the village sanitation project;
    c) engage them in planting and care-taking of the baby bamboo plantations that we are planning along the banks of barren dry Janauri rivulet close to their habitat for forestation and natural biodiversity conservation in that area.