Friday, 11 September 2015

An English class in Naddi

A carpet on the floor, a black board against the wall, the gorgeous mountains behind; here it is, the scenery of our weekly English classes in Naddi.

A few minutes before the class starts, the temple often hosts a group of children playing: they know that on that day, at that time, something is going to happen. This gathering appeals more and more children as the teachers arrive. Sometimes, there are too many people, and some of them show a disruptive behaviour, regardless, the class has to begin.

During an hour, children fill in gaps of simple exercises, listen to songs and try to hear known words, answer our questions and win candies. We want them to have the bravery of leaving their native language behind, during a few minutes, twice a week. But these classes are also an opportunity for us to learn more Hindi through them, and we can feel how proud children are to teach it to us.

Harmony helping children with the English exercises
A lot of issues have to be dealt with, and running English classes is far from being easy. How to strengthen the children's commitment to the classes, how to make them feel they are improving, how to make them understand the usefulness of speaking English nowadays?

Through these classes, I had the chance to witness the incredible energy and positive attitude of the children. With their genuine happiness, curiosity and will to learn, they stand out as an example that I want to follow in my own life! I spent great moments with them, and I really hope that this project will help to broaden their horizon.

ChloƩ Morel - France
After School Program Manager, Naddi (Himachal Pradesh)

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