Wednesday, 14 October 2015

In the migrant camp you will always be welcomed with happy smiles

My experience at EduCARE has been a wonderful one with its own ups and downs. For some their expectations are served, for some they aren’t but for me I stood right in the middle of the bridge. This one month has been a glimpse of an independent life that lies ahead of me. I have learnt things I couldn't get my head at in a year. When I first started off, I was really skeptical. Being away from home isn’t easy for anyone after all. Even so, it whelped a sense of enthusiasm and curiosity of what lays ahead.

I started working from the very day I arrived at the centre and on the first day itself I knew it was going to be an experience worth a lifetime. I managed the migrant camp and at first I felt disconnected. It was later in time that all the kids became a family to me and I would look forward each day to see them. Wherever you go, you will find imperfections but what matters the most is that part of the day which makes you overlook them all. For me, going to the kids was that part. Whenever I arrived I was welcomed by a huge hug from Rajesh followed by Suman’s laughter and Sonyabathi’s smile. As I left, I was departed with kisses. If this isn’t worthy of all the work then I don't know what is. 

This country has vast amount of difference among cultures from state to state thus there’s adaptation required by everyone who doesn’t belong here but it's only a matter of days until the community flings their arms wide open to welcome you into their home and in their lives. It's a milestone to know that you can change someone’s life for the better. I understood my aim of being here from the very day of my arrival. Like any other person, all the people at migrant camp might seem disinterested at first due to constant changes taking place but with time, they adapt to you. Its nice to know that however your day went at the centre, you will always be welcomed with happy smiles in the mid of your day which sets the tone of your day right. 

The fellow interns at my centre made the house at Rait a home. I am taking back a handful of great friends with experiences I will never forget. EduCARE has a strangely nice way of working which I began to admire by the last week I had left here. There is no delegation so you assume responsibilities and learn the importance of self initiative. It works by such a flexible way that even when the managers and the owner itself is with you, you don’t feel challenged. My centre was like a chamber for all animals to reside in, be it a tiger or a deer, all resided in one spot. I am going to miss the thought of “I want to go to Rait” on my weekends. EduCARE is a very unique organisation and the experience is all a mix of bitter and sweet. This was the tale of my one month here and I hope I come back next time for even a longer tale.

Ashna and Puja with the children of the migrant camp in Rajol 

Ashna Nain - India
ASP Project Manager, Rait (Himachal Pradesh)

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