Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Health in Naddi

This is my second time in India and I was prepared to be flexible, expect power cuts and among other things. This has been the first time I have been to northern India and is very different from my time in the South of India. This had prepared me to adapt to change but I was not prepared for the Cheni stairs or what interns call affectionately as “Death stairs” which test my fitness levels every day. 

In my first week in Naddi not knowing what I would be working on or what I will do, seeing one constant thing was accidents. These accidents ranged from small scrapes to bigger types of accidents. I quickly found out that there was no hospital or medical facility in Naddi. The medical facilities located in Dal Lake are a ten-minute car ride and the Zonal hospital in Dharamshala is almost thirty minutes away. This can be fatal if injuries are life threatening or urgent medical attention is needed. This can have an adverse impact on family, friends and the community. This can affect the economic mobility for families also due to death of the main breadwinner in the family.

Curable diseases such as diarrhoea and other infections can be life threatening if treatment is not given or the lack of access to a medical facility. These are important in living a healthy life without worrying about where the closest hospital or medical facility is located. People in the village find alternative ways to get to a hospital through the kindness of people in the community to help each other out is something that is invaluable and can save a life. This is what I have learned in my time here in Himachal and the warmth of the community here is immeasurable. 

View from Naddi

Shirly Kumar - Australia
Centre Coordinator in Naddi

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