Saturday, 27 August 2016

My Experience with EduCARE India

My internship at EduCARE has been a great experience for me as an individual and a project manager. EduCARE is a unique organization and it works for the backward areas of India where other people don`t even think to go and work which I think it is a good approach. Its way is unique when they allow young minds to make mistakes and learn and develop innovative ideas.

People in the organization are self -motivated and always come up with some new ideas.It was a great opportunity for me to grow as an individual and question my potential. Overall it was a great experience for me as an intern to complete my journey with the people from other countries. I got the opportunity to enjoy some dishes made by them. I also cooked some Indian dishes which were equally liked by them. To combat the scorching heat, walking by the Harike beach and see the sunset was so relaxing and beautiful.

Walking in the wetlands enjoying the "beach" of Harike

Before joining EduCARE I expected it in a different way but I would say it was not the same. I like the way Mr. B (Projec Director) explained the overall concept of global needs and if we could do a little bit for the mother Earth. I was also swayed by the simplicity of the director. He was so inspiring.There was no feeling of boss and employees at all. 

It was indeed a great experience for me to be a part of EduCARE as an intern and work for Harike's community. In general, the people were not aware of Harike's health care facilities and programs available to them, and there was no atmosphere of education. The lack of interest and support was very harmful for their wellbeing. 

The need and importance of health was a strange topic to them. My first objective was to make them realize why they need to be healthy. I conducted a survey about the quality of the drinking water and water-borne diseases. People were really cooperative so I conducted workshops at school to make children aware of health related issues. During the rainy season, with the help of CHC staff I could check the quality of drinking water of the area concerned. 

I think because of the initiative of EduCARE India I was able to disseminate useful knowledge and information about health and its related issues. 

Working with Harike's children in the ASP project

Mandeep Johal - India
Rural Health Care Project Manager in Harike

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