Thursday, 15 March 2012

Hello everyone!!
My name is Ryusuke, from Japan.
I`m one of the interns at EduCARE India and also
REstore manager in Janauri.

This time I`d like to introduce my project.
On March 9th, I held an event at migrant`s community Paro.

In Janauri and Paro, some migrants from Rajasthan live there and make communities. They pick some garbage up and sell for living. Migrant`s children also have to work because their income is very low. So our center is facilitating a MCE program. MCE stands for Marginalised Community Empowerment. In that program, we try to teach the children about nutrition, hygiene, English, Punjabi, and so on.

Through my internship, I found they have really dangerous problem. I found this burned toothpaste-tube in their community. They seem to burn these tubes, plastic-bags, and plastic-tray, and they breathe these smoke. That`s very dangerous for their health. So, I thought I have to teach them what is good or bad for burning. Moreover, I want them to use candles as cleaner energy.

This time, we went to their community and asked them some quiz questions: what is good or bad for burning. Besides, I told a story, showing their children some pictures. This story is about a boy`s life. The message is “always try to do your best” and “You can change your life for yourself”.
At first, only a few people took part in my program, but many people got interested in my project gradually. Children could easily understand the story due to local people`s help with translation.

After telling the story, we talked with the community`s leader about education. Through this conversation, we found that Punjab state government tries to provide all children with some opportunities to education for free.

Moreover, one of the adults in that community seems to be interested in getting those chances. So, there are some gaps between them. However, if we can remove these gaps, we will be able to help migrant`s children go to school.

But, I was so sad when I asked the kids whether you`re interested in school or not, their answers ware “No”. Through this moment, I really thought talking with local people is really important to do some activities.

Next, I asked them some quiz questions about what is good or bad for burning. 3 children and many adults took part in this program.
At first, they answer paper is bad for burning because it is really dirty and plastic-bag is good for burning. But when I finished asking all the questions, they can answer accurately.

When I show them candles, one of the adults told us they tried to buy candles before and they really want to know how to make candles. So, we made candles with migrant`s children and adults at REstore on March 12th.

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