Monday, 26 March 2012

Visit to CleanPlast

Harleen, Daisuke, and Ryusuke (the interns of EduCARE) visited “Clean Plast” on 12th of March in order to get some information about the local environmental issue. We achieved to get some valuable knowledge from Mr.B.S.Jassar, general manager of “Clean Plast”. So I’m going to share them now.

They`re recycling-facility in Hoshiarpur. They work for 24 hours. Their monthly production is 900t. They contract with Reliance Industries, that has a polymer production factory at Hoshiarpur.. Their raw material is empty bottle like Mineral water. They crash, wash and dry these bottles at their factory, and finally they make shape of flakes for clothes. They send their final products to other Reliance`s factories too.

First, migrants collect these bottles, trashed on the road, and they sell these bottles to local small shop. Other company, contracts with Clean Plast, collects bottles from these small shops and send to them. They recycle only clear bottles and send colored-bottles to other company. They collect bottles from 6 or 7 states, like Punjab and Delhi.

Their objective
・To be an environment friendly organization
・To use garbage and definitely create environmental system
・To make this organization sustainable one

Some questions to Mr.B.S.Jassar

What do you think of many garbage trashed?
India has lots of people, so we have lots of garbage. Currently, Indian government tries to reduce the population. Moreover, trashing garbage is a bad habit of Indian people. Government is now aiming to reduce the amount of garbage within 10years through recycling.

Please let us know about education system in India.
Currently, the literacy rate in India is 70%. The one in Punjab state is 76%, and the one in Hoshiarpur is 85%. In Punjab state, Boys are provided with education for free up to 15 or 16 years old. On the other hand, Girls are provided with education for free up to around 20 years old. Girls are also provided with bicycle for free. For long time, in India, only male went to school, and female didn`t. In order for girls to be more educated, government tries to give incentive to them.

Please let us know about garbage collection system around here.
Government made Pollution Control Division. They try to control the amount of garbage. At present, each state creates some regulation and check system. In Punjab state, if a factory brake some regulation, they`re fined. In Clean Plast, Officials come to check the water pollution level quarterly.

Do you know why any garbage collection car doesn`t come to Janauri?
They doesn`t have municipal committee, that`s why any garbage car doesn`t come. However, Punjab state tries to create garbage system in Janauri, this project is undergoing.

What do you think of NGOs like us?
He thinks NGOs have a really important role, and also said to us government wants to cooperate with NGO, because they want to know actual situation in each area.

Future Plan
・To increase production(but now depends on demands ) and to make this area free-of garbage

After this interview, they showed us inside of that facility and all the process. They also show us how to make the shape of flakes.

This visiting finished successfully. The information which we got from “Clean Plast” facility is very useful for our activities of SWASH and REstore.

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