Monday, 26 March 2012

REstore Dosarka Open

Hi, I’m Daisuke Yoshida, one of the EduCARE India’s interns from Japan. I’m student of WASEDA University in Japan and I’m working for this organization during my spring vacation. Today, I want to tell you about my project, REsotre Dosarka.

On 19th of March 2012, we finally achieved to open REstore Dosarka. Two Japanese interns (Daisuke and Naoki) held the opening event “Japan Day”. At first, we introduced the customers about Japanese cultures, where are famous Japanese places, what is poplar Japanese subculture and so on. And then, we made the presentation about REstore Dosarka, what is REstore, what we want to do. We got only 3 customers. But they looked very interested in our activities. So, regardless of the number of customers, we can say the event finished successfully. However, of course we must increase the number in the future. 

As the open of REstore Dosarka, I would like to inform you about REstore in details.

REstore Dosarka Goals/Objectives
The REstore Project will focus on two core objectives:
▼ Illuminating the local people and improving the environmental issue
→Through visiting to REstore, buying eco-friendly products and reading the posters which explain about environmental issue, the customers can get knowledge of global environmental issue and how to dispose waste.
▼ Producing local key-persons who are willing to make positive impact for the society
→Through mini library or interactive communication between interns and local people (especially local students) at the Restore, we want to create opportunities which make local people be interested in the development of their own areas, state, nation.

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