Thursday, 15 March 2012

Hello everyone!
My name is Ryusuke, from Japan. I`m one of the interns at EduCARE India and also
REstore manager in Janauri.REstore is information center about environmental awareness
and also selling eco-friendly products like organic soap, vinegar, and baking soda.

This time I`d like to introduce my project.


On February 24th, I held an event at REstore. In it, I made a presentation about 3R, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Moreover, as one of the examples of recycle, I made recycle-candles through used-candles.

Through this event, I`d like to enlighten local people about environmental awareness and also like them to get interested in recycle through making candles.

In this event, I asked a shopkeeper (He is really helpful!!) to help me with translation. So, I could communicate with local people.In Janauri, most of the people can speak only Hindi and Punjabi, so language- barrier is always big problem for us every time we do some activities with locals.

Totally, 9 people came to my event, so I`m not satisfied with the number of participants. I`d like to hold an event with more and more people, so I have to consider solution like how to advertise.

In a few days, I was involved in After School Program, and I played football with children. After that, one of the children who took participate in my event pointed at the garbage in the puddle and said to me “Ryusuke, Pollution!! Pollution!!”

Moreover, I saw one of the participants who helps me with translation talked with others about recycle without my help.I was really happy to hear that. I want to hold another event soon, and at the event I also want to do my best.

Thank you for reading my blog!!!

REstore Manager Janauri

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